Belgian Podcast Awards rules

  • Podcasts must be produced in Belgium or published for Belgian listeners, podcasts can have a video part but this is not a qualification criteria.
  • Video only podcasts will not be taken in to account, the podcast should be at least available on Spotify or on Apple podcast.
  • Within the time period July 2021 to June 2022, you should have created min 4 episodes (for documentaries & stories there is no minimal threshold).
  • Each podcast can register for maximum 2 categories, depending on the category size between 5 or 10 podcasts will be selected (depending on the volume per category).
  • Shortlist criteria: audio and sound quality, content distribution, hosting skills, X-factor and engagement.
  • Public voting: only one vote per IP address and only form registered voters.
  • The nominated podcasts will be asked to send in their best episode in the defined time period, these episodes will be evaluated by the jury (in case of any conflict of interest people of the jury can’t vote on certain categories).
  • The final count of the winners is based on: 70% on public voting and 30% on points from the jury.
  • Jury consist of industry related people and will remain confidential till the start of the live show!
  • Last years winners are welcome to join again!