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    Check out the Awardshow on 25th November 2021 at 21.00 PM

Belgian Podcast Awards

Ambition of the Belgian
Podcast Awards

The Belgian Podcast Awards is all about giving back to the fast growing industry of podcast creators, streamers, producers and their fast growing audiance reaching milions of listeners in Belgium. We want to support this amazing community by recognizing the new and existing talent we have to offer!

The award show for 2021 will be a digital live event organised with Belgian media partners with over 30 years of television experience.

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We welcome all podcast makers to enter: from big brands, independant creators, documentaries, radio stations to comedians... anyone who is helping to build an industry is more than welcome to register!

This competition has been created with you in mind: the categories reflect the genres that have evolved since the early years of podcasting; the judges are independent representative of the industry’s breadth and diversity; the rules are designed to make it easy to join.

The Belgian Podcast Awards are here to promote the great work you’re doing, encourage listeners to try new shows, and provide a space for producers, presenters, sponsors, platforms, writers and performers to have fun.

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Belgian Podcast Awards

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