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Take a look at all our categories for 2021!


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Startups, Scaleups, etc / Marketing / Business & Entrepreneurship / Management / PR & Communications / Leadership / Interviews / Finance, Banking, Investments, Stock, …

Tech & Science

Technology stories / Interviews / Educational podcasts / Science talks / Documentaries

News & Politics

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Daily news stories / Politics / Financial news / Societal impacts / Ecology and climate change / Religion / Local, global and regional news / Social Interest

Culture & Music

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Movie reviews / Cultural events / Music documentaries / Photography / TV Recaps & interviews / Food & Drink / Fashion / Other artistic interests and hobbies / Music related / Video Games related

Lifestyle, Society & Health

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Relationships / Personal stories / Mental Health related content / Healthy life style / Self help / Meditation / Psychology / Parenting / Emotional Intelligence / Therapy / Documentary


Stand-up comedy or live performance / Parody / Panel conversations / Improvised comedy / Comedy-fiction


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All sport related podcasts / Sport Docu’s / Inspiring stories from people that start to sport


Including most categories above, if you take people on a non fictional journey into new worlds and share experience from real people, current or historical events and places then this can be your category.


Drama / Sci-Fi / Parody / Fairytales / Children bedtime stories

Our special categories

Host of the year

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Chosen from the nominees by the jury.

Host of the year Male 2021: TimTom Hosts
Host of the year Female 2021: Sofie Verschueren van Podcast Weg

New upcoming talent

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Chosen from all registered podcasts and will receive an extra gift to support further growth!

New upcoming talent 2021: Wat zij wil

People's Choice

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Podcast with the most votes from the public.

People's Choice 2021: MIDMID