About us

About us

The Belgian Podcast Awards has the ambition to become a yearly returning event, for 2021 we will have a Digital Video Show Event that will be broadcasted via social media. Depending on the corona measures of that moment we will try to invite the nominees of the various categories.

Who am I?

Maarten Bovée, Tech Entrepreneur with a crush on podcasting as an on demand platform. Partly due to the pandemic the Belgian scene of podcasting is growing rapidly. However it is not easy to find the great content that is out there, furthermore Its also hard to grow as a podcaster. With the Belgian Podcast Awards I want to help this community in its future success and growth!

I’m also hosting a podcast called Cloud-City, sadly the only podcast that will not be participating. The awards are intended to be neutral. It’s all about giving back and helping the community of creators grow and a journey that I felt I need to take!

Maarten Bovée